Fabulously beautiful House at Xinovrisi in Pelion/Greece for Sale

For sale: Little old stone house +++ totally renovated +++ highest technical standard +++ with annexes and wonderful garden +++ For sale due to the advanced age of the proprietor +++ Location: outskirts of the village of Xinovrisi, close to Argalasti +++ Price: 164.000 EUR +++ Contact (English, German, Greek) 0049 5840 989580

The Region

The Pelion peninsula (alternative spellings: Pilion, Pelio, Pilio) belongs to the Salonika Prefecture of Magnisia in the Aegean. The capital is Volos, one of the biggest cities in Greece and a significant port with over 200,000 inhabitants. From there, it is 215 kilometres to the northern Greek metropolis of Thessaloniki and 325 to Athens. The peninsula is characterized by a high range of mountains, which rises to over 1,600 metres in the north-west. There, it has a heavily frequented ski centre. The mountains slope away slightly to the south and south-west, but they continue to enchant the visitor with wild ravines and precipitous rock faces, impenetrable mountain forests or peaceful olive groves.

Among those who know Greece, the Pelion is one of the most beautiful regions in a country that is really not short of beauty. This high regard already existed in antiquity: the myths of this period populated the Pelion with heroes, fabulous creatures and gods...

The Pelion was the home of the Centaurs, half man and half horse, and Chiron, the wisest of all these fabulous creatures, was the teacher of Achilles and Hercules and introduced Asclepius to the secrets of medicine. Here, the heroic Argonauts set off for their adventurous journey in search of the Golden Fleece. The gods of Olympus celebrated glittering parties and spent their summer holidays here...

There is evidence of something similar in the historical reality; significant settlements from the Stone-Age period, which are among the oldest of our continent, have been excavated in the locations of Dimini und Sesklo. In the science of history, Dimini und Sesklo are a synonym for this pre-historical epoch. An archaeologist who is to be taken extremely seriously even assumes that she has located the palace of the legendary King Pelias here.

Today, the Pelion presents itself differently. It is a region that wants to preserve its old values on one hand, but is open to the needs of the modern world. The roads are being improved, the telephone network is becoming denser and there is even a choice of three providers for mobile phone users in the secluded bay. The traders have fresh milk in the fridge and international newspapers are available at almost every kiosk.

There is also increasing accessibility. At present, you still have to travel there via Thessaloniki Airport, Athens or Skiathos, which is rather inconvenient. By 2004 at the latest, you will have a choice between Larissa and Volos. These flying bases, which have been military bases up to now, are being expanded for civil aviation.

With all the beauty and all the cultural richness of the Pelion, the fact that it is possible to approach the island world of the northern Sporades from here by boat constitutes an additional attraction. Fast hydrofoils connect the mainland with the islands. In this way, Skiathos, Skopelos or Alonnisos can be reached in an extremely short time. Car ferries and privately operated charter boats connect the harbours and bays on the mainland to the islands. Anyone who has their own boat can go out to the Piperion island, where it is possible to observe the last monk seals of the Mediterranean with a bit of luck.