Fabulously beautiful House at Xinovrisi in Pelion/Greece for Sale

The bay "Panagiotis" is sold. These sites are for documentation only. Informations about a house with plot at Xinovrisi (South Pelion, Greece) are to be find in the navigation.

The Position

The small Panagiotis Bay lies on the southern side of the Pelion in the Aegean at Greece, about 2,000 metres to the west of the fishing port and holiday resort of Platania, close to the large bay of Chondri Ammos, which is shielded against the rare but harsh south winds by the ragged mountain ridge of the Tisseon (over 600 metres maximum height) to the south and is thus also an ideal and absolutely safe anchorage for large sailing ships.

 [Picture: The bay on its eastern side]

The bay itself is the lower, southern end of a ravine that begins shortly before the ridge of the coastal mountain range, which is about 300 metres high, and becomes continuously broader and flatter in a downwards direction. The southern boundary of the property is a pebble beach about 60 metres wide, which is actually only accessible from the sea. This means that the beach of the plot is visited extremely rarely by people. Usually, these are sport boat sailors. A fisherman will also anchor in the bay for his siesta occasionally.

 [Plan of the bay Panagiotis]

A private road was laid to the plot about 400 metres long, which the owner of the neighbouring plot is allowed to use for his olive harvest. Thus the property can be reached with the car. The partly concreted road ends at an angle about 50 metres above the house and continues to the plot as a wide track. If necessary, it will be possible to widen this final section up to the real estate to a car's width without great difficulty or expense.

Up in the mountains, the private road connects to the initially partly asphalted road that links on the one hand to the mountain resort of Lafkos (distance: 8 kilometres) with the coastal settlement of Mikro (some restaurants, guest-houses, a wide, sandy beach) and, on the other, to the Bay of Chondri Ammos already mentioned (some fishing folk's houses and a handful of holiday homes).

From the southern boundary, that is the line at which the pebble beach turns into overgrown terrain, the plot reaches about 65 metres into the valley. Both the western and the eastern boundaries of the bay are thick, impenetrable mountain forest, which consists mainly of prickly bushes and trees and, to some extent, rises quite steeply. About a third of the site is terraced and covered in grass; the rest of the plot has mainly been left in its original state. This means that the old olive trees and the oaks here are overgrown with bushes and prickly oaks.

In the eastern corner of the plot stands a newly built boathouse about 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. Hidden further above in the bushes there is also a tool shed with a base area of about 3 x 2 metres.

The total area of the plot is 6,000 square metres.

 [Picture: The bay on its western side]

The structure of the terrain continues to the south. This means that the water in front of the beach becomes deeper relatively quickly. It is possible to swim after 7 or 8 metres. At the sides, the bay is bounded by steep rock walls. A fascinating underwater world is concealed in their hollow clefts. After about 150 metres, the bay merges into the coastline to the left and to the right. Its width is about 200 metres at this imaginary line.

 [Picture: View trough the kitchen window to the sea at dawn in wintertime]

At about a distance of 12 kilometres, the view across the Aegean Sea is restricted by the mountainous structure of the large island of Euboea, Evoia or Evia in the Greek language. With the naked eye, you will perceive the houses of the tiny harbour and holiday resort of Pefki on the opposite shore. At night, the lights of the many summerhouses stretch along the Aegean coastline from east to west like a chain of pearls. The passage between the mainland and the island becomes like a large lake visually...