Fabulously beautiful House at Xinovrisi in Pelion/Greece for Sale

The bay "Panagiotis" is sold. These sites are for documentation only. Informations about a house with plot at Xinovrisi (South Pelion, Greece) are to be find in the navigation.

The House

 [Picture: The House]

The house offers a total area of 65 square metres on two floors. It was built in the prescribed method of construction (concrete skeleton) 15 years ago. The ground floor is built up with hollow cement blocks and the upper floor is built up with Poroton bricks. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, a spacious store-room and a second storeroom with external access, which is partly built into the rock. The doors, shutters and windows are made of steel.

 [Picture: View down from the balcony to the sea]

On the upper floor, there is a bedroom and a living room with a corner fireplace. A covered balcony about 2 metres wide stretches across the whole front of the house. Windows, shutters and doors are made of chestnut with the traditional craft finish. The roof was recovered and insulated according to the German standard three years ago.

 [Picture: The little wooden house with its summer-sink and the shower]

Next to the house stands the so-called washhouse with a sink unit and a shower. There is a toilet built of wood with a drainage pit some metres further.

The house has an officially permitted connection to the water supply of the Lafkos local authority. In addition, there is a rainwater cistern with a collection capacity of 9,000 litres for emergencies.

Electricity is supplied by a solar plant. Lighting and refrigerator are operated at 12 volts. There is an a.c. - d.c. converter for smaller 230 volt appliances (CD players, charging stations for mobile telephones, etc.).